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Happy Thanksgiving

The Giving in Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a special time to reflect upon the blessings that God has granted us in our individual lives.  It is a time to give thanks, and I believe it is also a time to give.  Can there any better way to express our thankfulness to Christ than to give those blessings back to Him and to those in need?  The Generosity Factor written by Ken Blanchard and S. Truett Cathy, states there are four ways of giving: Sharing your time, talent, treasure, and touch.  "A lot of folks say they care about people, but they don't actually do anything about it.  Generosity is all about caring about the needs of others, then acting to meet those needs.  Time meets a certain kind of need.  Talent meets another.  Treasure still another, and touch meets it's own set of needs.  Generosity is about balance--about making all of one's resources available."

Jesus' life on earth is the ultimate example of a life of giving.   He became a servant and gave everything of himself--with a thankful heart.  He gave Himself to the point of death, so that we may have eternal life. When the Lord lives in our heart, His generosity and forgiveness pours upon us.  He calls his children to live a life like Jesus, and to serve Him by giving ourselves to others with a thankful heart. 

He has given us so much.  How can use those blessings to bless others and reach the unreached?  How can we show others the love of Jesus through our own actions?  How can we give our time, treasure, talents, and touch for His glory this Thanksgiving season?

God Bless. We wish you a joyousThanksgiving.