Happy Holidays from Christian Foundation Insurance!  This year has proven to be one of great growth and development for us personally, as well as our nation as a whole.  The tragedies of September 11, 2001 left each one of us reevaluating our beliefs, hearts, and focus in our personal and professional lives.  We became intensely aware of the evil of sin, and our great need for the One who saves.

This Christmas Season seems to be more special than those of the past.   These past few months, the word "peace" has circulated through the media and our own minds a thousand times, as it has become the longing of every American and ally around the world.  As we enter the Christmas Season, the peace it continually brings each year seems to give us a new and reassuring meaning.  Our great search for internal peace and freedom is ultimately found in a baby King born in a manager so many years ago.  Jesus has already fought and won a larger war, so that peace and eternal life may dwell inside every heart, if we ask of it.  What a wonderful reminder this brings to our nation during this time.  I can't think of any greater Christmas gift.         

September required us, as any tragedy would, to change our focus.  We have be