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Christian Foundation Program Workers’ Compensation

Program Eligibility

  Eligible Business Categories:

 ·        Churches:

§         8840-Churches-Clergy; Professional Assistants, Organist, or Members of the Choir-including Clerical Office Employees;

§         8867-Church-Clergyman, Rabbi or Lay Reader-Elective Coverage (NV only);

§         8868-Religious Organization:  Professional Employees & Clerical-includes Clergy, Assistants, Organist and Choir Members.

·        Ministries;

§         9101-Religious Organization:  All Other Employees.

·        Professional/non-manual classes limited to classification codes:

§         7610-Radio or Television Broadcasting Station;

§         8017- Store Retail NOC;

§         8018-Store Wholesale NOC;

§         8742-Salespersons, Collectors or Messengers;

§         8803-Auditors, Accountant or Factory Cost or Office Systematizer-Traveling;

§         8810-Clerical Office Employees NOC;

§         8820-Attorney-All Employees & Clerical, Messengers, Drivers;

§         8832-Physician & Clerical;

§         8868-Colleges:  Professional Employees and Clerical;

§         8869-Child Day Care Center-Professional Employees and Clerical, Salespersons;

§         9015-Buildings-Operation by Owner or Lessee or Real Estate Management Firm- All Other Employees;

§         9059-Child Day Care Center-All Other Employees and Drivers.

·        Any codes not listed refer to Gerry Dumke.