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Why the Christian Foundation?

 Our Purpose

 The Christian Foundation Insurance Company, LLC is an organization operated by insurance professionals dedicated to supporting Christian charity organizations around the world.

The Goal

 The goal of the Christian Foundation is to generate an annual distribution of $15 million dollars to those approved foreign mission organizations.

The Benefit

 With the Christian Foundation workers compensation program, you can make a substantial commitment to the ministry of your choice-at no additional cost you or the insured. A nationally A+ rated insurance company has agreed to underwrite workers compensation coverage at competitive prices.

How Is All This Possible?

 This program is targeted to workers compensation codes with historically low claims. Factoring in these eligibly requirements and an anticipated 30% loss ratio, $100 million in premiums generates approximately a $15 million distribution. This distribution is directed at the discretion of the agent or the insured.

  Eligible Workers Compensation Clients

 These are the classes of business that the program can write to meet our goals of a 30% loss ratio.

Churches, Ministries, Doctors, Lawyers, Schools with churches, Bookstores, Broadcasters, Offices, Insurance Agents, Accountants, Advertising Agencies. 

You Can Make A Difference

 An average premium of $2,000 could generate a $300 distribution for a foreign ministry. What can that do? It could pay a pastor's salary for a month in the Middle East. In El Salvador, $300 could provide an education for a deaf child for over a year. In other words, $300 could change lives and communities.

 Is It Time To For Your Business To Make A Significant Difference?

 With the Christian Foundation, the insurance business can be used for greater good than just providing for you and your family.

Now you can have an impact for eternal causes without any additional sacrifice from you. Your business can now double up with itís purpose to provide financially for you and also to support foreign ministries in a significant way.

  Just think if you place $100,000 in premium with the Foundation it could generate up to $15,000 annually to a foreign ministry. Thatís considered a major donor in the world of giving. And you can do that without any additional effort. If you place $500,000 in premium, that would generate up to $75,000 annually and with $1,000,000 in premium, that would generate $150,000 each year to one of these ministries. This could be the greatest tool at your disposal to impact many lives for eternity.